To many, iconic Los Angeles is comprised of palm trees, concrete, maps to the stars, wide beaches, endless freeway traffic, and a pier with a ferris wheel. Those who live here know the real Los Angeles is populated by creatives and dreamers and a sundry of folks from different ethnic backgrounds and walks of life who, all together, add up to a fascinating city.

Los Angeles is a city that is loved, hated, and all too often misunderstood. The majority of those who visit LA will never dive deeper than the surface of this complex and diverse city with close to 4 million people. The ever-changing city offers perspectives beyond the obvious, if you know where to find them, and closer you look the better it gets. I Am Los Angeles is a documentary series featuring the stories and first-hand experiences belonging to characters of the Los Angeles story. I Am Los Angeles is created and curated by LA based Director, Joris Debeij, and has been featured on CBS, The New York Times, BBC, The Los Angeles Times, The Atlantic, and screened at festivals worldwide.