Strings of Success

Some people spend their whole lives chasing someone else’s idea of success. Sacha Dunable, while a Los Angeles native, doesn’t fit this description. For a living, Sacha simply does what he loves to do.

But for Sacha, that was never the main goal anyway. Instead, he seems content just to be living his life on his own terms. Sacha is a musician, and he has found personal success doing something he thoroughly enjoys: building and playing music with guitars.

If not touring with his band Intronaut, Sacha can be found in his workshop building and fixing guitars. Sacha has found success doing what he loves without seeming to feel much pressure from the outside world to make things more complicated.

Los Angeles is a place full of people with an agenda, and some will stop at nothing to get what they want. But amongst the chaotic scramble of people trying to make a name for themselves, there are gems like Sacha who manage to live content by the simple notion that in some ways, it’s better to want what you have, and go from there.

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