Bodybuilding With Tourists

If you catch him you will notice him, but if you blink with your eyes you might miss this fast moving performer at the Venice boardwalk who might has one of the naughtiest acts in town.

The boardwalk is always crowded during the summer, and this continues during the weekends the rest of the year. The beach, the skate park, the pier, the bike-lane path on the beach, and the famous Muscle Beach are all entertaining attractions at the cultural center of Venice Beach.

Most people who have been on the Venice boardwalk have seen him. You would probably describe him as ‘The Speedo-Guy’ or ‘The Tarzan Bodybuilder’. Fast-moving Amir Edwards makes his way through the crowds on the Venice Boardwalk, posing for and with tourists in return for small donations. But being a bodybuilder on the Venice Boardwalk isn’t an easy life. Amir works hard to keep his physique, and his sunny, social disposition in top shape for the Venice Beach crowds.

Amir is one of many artist and vendors on the two-and-a-half mile boardwalk for pedestrians. He came moved to Los Angeles to become famous. Amir is indeed a well-known figure on the boardwalk and is posing with tourists for years. I Am Los Angeles followed Amir for a day and this is what we captured.

  • Credits
  • Directed by
  • Joris Debeij
  • Cinematography by
  • Nicholas Reid
  • Edited by
  • Joris Debeij
  • On Camera
  • Amir Edwards