Fine Grooves

Being that he was named after Neil Young, it’s fitting for music to be at the center of life for Neil Schield. The Origami Vinyl shop, now closed, owner grew up in a family of music lovers.

Even before Origami Vinyl, Neil spent his fair share of time on the commercial side of the music industry — he worked in the industry during the landmark period when music’s transition to iTunes began and started to take hold. Facing a big decision following a brief career stall, Neil took a chance, and broke from his work in digital music. He decided to go back to where his love of music started when he was younger, which was with vinyl. Now, well frankly, he lives in the best of all possible worlds. He’s carved out his little space in the world of music at Origami Vinyl. Neil spends his days surrounded by the music that has meaning to him, and he makes a living by sharing it with others who have a similar appreciation.

Neil is a back to basics kind of guy, and he wanted to go back in time to be closer to the experience and the authenticity he cherished in one of recorded music’s first carriers. If you ask Neil, he’ll tell you how vinyl brings back the warmth in the room. How it gathers everybody to go and stand around the record player, experiencing the music in a more complete way. But instead of taking his word for it, you should probably just take those earbuds out and go experience some vinyl for yourself. It’s good for the soul!

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