Representing East L.A.

As a kid, Sal traced and drew images out of the Gray’s Anatomy books that belonged to his cousin and sister. The teacher was impressed until she found out Sal was copying everything from books.

‘You have to give it something extra’, she said. Sal listened. He continued drawing and he got to be quite good. Salvador Preciado, an East LA native, has been in East Los Angeles for most of his life, and he calls this his home. Growing up, Sal was impressed by the tattoos worn by East Los Angeles gang members; he was fascinated by the strong, bold lines exhibited in this style of tattooing. Initially, Sal began experimenting with his own skills at correcting and refining this style of tattoo work, but soon Sal found himself inspired by the artistry of tattooing and he later decided to become a full-time tattoo artist.

Sal is now the proud owner of El Clasico Tattoo, a tattoo shop in Echo Park. Representing the East LA cultural style in his artwork, and being proud of the authenticity in the work he creates, Sal aims to bring the same sense of pride to the rest of the neighborhood through the works of El Clasico Tattoo.

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