Unless you happen to have quite some knowledge about the history of boxing in California, and maybe even if you do, it's unlikely you have heard of or read about Charles ‘Chillie’ Wilson.

He lives, together with his wife and six children, in part of Los Angeles I typically see from the Harbor Freeway. He coaches boxing, a sport that had its glory days more than a decade ago, and having reformed himself from a life of less noble pursuits, he lives each day guided by his love for God and Jesus.

Today’s society doesn’t create much of an opportunity to develop an appreciation for someone like Coach Chillie. There is no hype to get wrapped up in, no way he’s the next big social media sensation, and he’s more than a stone’s throw from being a celebrity trainer. The chances of even meeting somebody like Coach Chillie, and being touched by his extraordinary verve for life are becoming more and more slim.

If you were so lucky to meet Coach Chillie you might find out about The Good Fight Training Camp, where he takes on any client with the will to box. In coaching as in life, Chillie lends compassion and drive to an immeasurable degree, leading to a strong connection with his fighters. This is one of the most admirable aspects of The Good Fight program. A self-proclaimed dream-builder, Coach Chillie’s teaching methodology is such that he becomes a life coach and spiritual guide to his clients, which vary from weekend enthusiasts to professional boxers, short and stocky kids who really want to work out, and guys who seem to be to old to start boxing.

Until such time that society routinely celebrates more of the unseen that make a difference in their community, enriching the lives of those around them — it’s my hope that this film can serve as a tribute to such a man, a purpose, and indeed, a good fight.

  • Credits
  • Directed by:
  • Joris Debeij
  • Cinematography by:
  • Nate Hurtsellers
  • First AD:
  • Stephanie Shiu
  • Steadicam Operator:
  • Bill Hunt
  • Edited by:
  • Andrew Leggett
  • Comopser:
  • Guy Amitai
  • Sound Design by:
  • Zino van Hamersveld
  • Colorist:
  • Marshall Plante, NTropic
  • Copy Writer:
  • Andrew Smart